Where this path leads me.

Photo by Jou00e3o Cabral on Pexels.com

Why is it so hard,
To feel the simplest things,
Like the joy and happiness,
And living up my dreams,

Things get harder,
And harder to breathe,
Only expectations,
Turned disappointment it seems,

If this is the journey,
For me to get through,
I wish I could live to see,
Where this path leads me.

Of never-ending spiral.

Photo by Robin Schreiner on Pexels.com

There are so many things,
I wish I didn’t hear,
I wish I didn’t see,
And wish I didn’t have to live through,

Some were painful,
Some were ridiculous,
Some were heartbreaking,
And some were unbearable,

They live in me,
Suffocating me while I try to breath,
Killing me while I try to live,
And haunting me like an enemy,

Trapping me in an endless cycle,
Of never-ending spiral.

And gravitating void.

Photo by Robin Schreiner on Pexels.com

I wonder what others do,
In my shoes right now,
When screaming no longer,
Break the bricks inside me,
When crying no longer,
Console the drying heart,
When writing down a word,
Feels blank and empty,

Surrounded by the stillness,
And gravitating void.

Is but a hassle.

Photo by Abhiram Prakash on Pexels.com

So many things are unnecessary,
Like to breath today,
When tomorrow is already a history,
Written and smitten with misery,

To want but unobtainable,
To hope but unescapable,
To wish but breakable,
To dream but unbearable,

And when to live,
Is but a hassle.