For each other.

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Have I gone crazy?
Or going crazy?
Because why,
You appeared in my dream,
When I think of you,
And you appeared in my dream again,
When I don’t think of you,
What was it then?
Longing? Premonition? Signs?
Or simply a curse,
That none of us dare to accept,
That we were meant,
For each other.

A cycle of self-destruction.

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I couldn’t bear,
To listen,
All the songs,
That reminds me of you,
Reminds me of us,
Reminds me of the relationship,
That we had,
And we could have,

Every love songs,
Sounds like a heartbreak,
And every sad songs,
Opened up old wounds,

Repeatedly, and endlessly,
A cycle of self-destruction.

Towards my future with you.

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To the one that will be,
In my future,
A love that I have been,
Seeking all these years,

Even I don’t know,
Where you are now,
Might be far away,
Or perhaps one that got away,

Or you have been here,
Reading here all along,
Keeping your distance,
With no actions,

Or you are someone,
I never meet yet,
Across the distance and space,
Through the barriers and boundaries,

I am here still trying,
To stay strong,
And keep going,
Towards my future with you.