This Is All About Desire And Selfishness – Story 1

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I couldn’t rest myself. My mind keep wondering about her. My curiosity feels like an endless hunger that can’t be satisfied easily. The phrase ‘I want to know’ repeats over and over again inside my head. I can’t suppress it because the urge is stronger than my will to fight it. It came uninvited and I just let it in.

I decided to just stalk her. First in Facebook, scrolling through her news feed one by one. I feel shocked as I saw a post with picture of her with someone else. A guy. Who is he? Her boyfriend? No, that is not impossible, she is single. A friend? Why you guys are too close? More than friend perhaps? I couldn’t control my mind that keeps spouting vicious assumptions.

Then I read the comments. It feels like thousand of arrows pierced my body endlessly. It hurts so much that it numb. It hurts so much that I can’t feel the pain except this aching heart. Why? Why? Why? You are supposed to be mine? You should be mine! No! You are mine!

Is it because you are just a friend? Is it because I don’t confess? Am I not good enough? You don’t see me as a company? You don’t see me as someone close? Are you blind? Calm down. Calm down. I need to calm down so I can think what should I do next. The more comments I read, it just burn my fury more. Calm down, I told myself.

I know what I should do for now. Ignore this type of post. Let me stalk something else of you. Oh lovely. Her picture, alone with no one else. You look so lovely and sweet, especially with that wonderful smile. I can’t stop falling in love. I am so attracted to you now. You are the only one I need.

I want you. I want you! I want you so much! I just want to spend myself with you all day, forever and ever! The thoughts filled my head and driving me insane. It showed me happiness. True happiness!


Ally’s Thoughts: Ali And Nino (2016)

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Hi, everyone!

I recently watched a movie called Ali And Nino. It is a book adaptation with the same title by Kurban Said. The book was first published in 1937 and the book has been translated more than 30 languages.

The plot simply described by IMDB as,

Love story of a Muslim Azerbaijani boy and Christian Georgian girl in Baku from 1918 to 1920.

Simple and neat!

If this is your first time reading Ally’s Thoughts, do not worry about spoilers because I don’t really give away spoilers. If you can’t trust me, please avoid reading.

If you are an adventurous reader, you will surely understand why I enjoy this movie so much.

So, let’s start.

When it comes to love story we all know how romantic and disastrous it can be, depending on how the plot goes. By the simplified plot description above, it is about intercultural love. This is the main reason why I decided to watch it. Other reason would be the setting of the story. The story sets in 1918 which you might say a time of war and turbulence.

For a romantic drama, some might look for the happy ending and some might want to see some twist at the end of the movie. I am looking for something else. I’m looking for the progress in the movie.

What happened in the beginning of the story? What kind of choices did they make? What kind of conflicts are they having? Did they settle things in the most cliche ways? How the characters react to an event? These are the things I’m looking for.

So, what is the thing that made me really enjoy Ali and Nino?

My answer would be, the journey.

This movie will take you on a journey of diverse culture, ethnic, religion, landscape and history.

Imagine you fall in love with someone that you know your parents will never accept. Then, the world throw wars at you. Just to add the flavor in the plot, you have dreams to achieve. How complicated that would be? Will you changed? Will you be put to your knee when it tests you?

It can be complicated but that is the jewel of the movie. The journey they took to the amazing colors, architectures, complex politics, cultural differences and the nature of war.

It made me understand a little about their way of life back then. In some part, the way of life is still practiced today. I am totally at awe with these elements.

I would like to share a dialogue that I really enjoy.

Nino: Will you marry a fallen woman?
Ali: Are you ready to stay in this hut forever?

What is a fallen women? Why they need to get used living in the hut? You need to watch it for yourself.

Image from: Publishers Weekly

As for now, I will be looking for the book. Hopefully it will be available in major international bookstores here. My finger is crossed.

I would recommend this movie to someone who enjoy romance and drama. One who have eyes in culture. Also, bored people that don’t know how to spend their time.

I wish everyone have a great and lovely day ahead!

*Some quick fact: My name can be read as Ali too and perhaps that is my name? Shhh…

Ally’s Novella And Where To Read Them


Hi everyone!

March 2017 is leaving and we will be welcoming April 2017 soon. In my case, less than two hours from the time this post has been published.

A quick recap about this month. It’s actually not the main point about this post, but I feel the need to share it with you all.

I’m proud to share my top post of the month!

Do check them out if you missed them earlier. That’s done for the recap.

Now the main announcement I wanted to share with you guys.

I’ve been keeping a secret from all of you. Well, some of you actually because they are my early readers and I really appreciate the feedback! You know who you are!

So what is the secret? From the title it is obviously a dead giveaway. I wrote a novella. I wrote it last year and managed to complete it by the end of 2016. After that, I’ve been doing some editing and getting feedback from my fantastic readers! I really appreciate it!

After some crazy mentally and physically exhausting editing, I’m ready to show it to the rest of the world! And of course, to my fellow readers and friends! Even so, I have not uploaded all the chapters but don’t panic because I will upload them all next month. Hopefully, it does not take a long time.

The only problem would be, I’m procrastinating or I have internet problem. I can’t give ‘not enough time’ as a reason because I’m practically have all the time I need. Even so, I tend to keep my promises.

So where to read them?

Basically, I’m using Inkitt as my platform instead of other available platform such as Wattpad. Why? Simply because, I am exposed to Inkitt first rather than Wattpad and I’m somehow grow fond of Inkitt.

You can find the link to my story here.

My Unsent Love Letters – Ally L Mare

Inkitt is also available to download in the App Store and Google Play. Just in case you don’t want to read my story, you can read stories by others. Some advice, they are very good and some of them has been published by Inkitt and last year it was listed in Top 100 in Amazon.

Well, that is all for now. I wish you guys have a great month of April! And trust me, this is not a prank.



‘Banksy of poetry’ Strikes Again!

Image from: The Herald

Today I read a quite interesting reads while Google-ing random stuff (Yes… I admit!).

I stumble on this headlines, Mysterious ‘Banksy of Poetry’ strikes again at hairdressers in Plymouth from The Herald.

So, I read it. It is about a mysterious man leaving poems in hairdresser shops! Good poems too!

Another two city hairdressers have been left smiling by a mystery man dubbed the ‘Banksy of Poetry’.

March Hair in Hyde Park and Bowlers in Lipson are the latest city business amid scores across the country to receive a verse from the mysterious M Jones.

The poem in envelopes postmarked Lancashire, popped through the post boxes without any explanation.

Images Hair and Nail Salon appear to have received the same cheery verse about a robin.

via Mysterious ‘Banksy of Poetry’ strikes again at hairdressers in Plymouth

Maybe I should do this every time I visit a coffee shop!

One Year With Write Ally! Write!


Good day fellow friends!

Write Ally! Write! is officially a year old today!

At first, I had it wrong. I thought the date was supposed to be on the 14th of March because of my first post. However, it was on the 12th March which is today.

The first thing I did when I received the notification from WordPress was sitting down and stared the sky (ceiling to be precise). A year ago, everything was just an idea. The idea came after I’m getting bored of my previous job and the urge to write more.

I have other blogs at that time that focused on translating service, sharing social media news and a story blog in Bahasa Malaysia (is still there and I don’t want to delete it because I wrote a lot!).

Then, I decided to focus on poetry. As I am completing this sentence, I remembered that I still have another blog dated in 2009. Most of my freaking posts are still there! I am now totally embarrassed. However! I have this idea of bringing some of the poems I wrote back then in here (but maybe it is best to leave it there. I wrote lengthy poems too).

Some quick info:-

My first post: It is morning and bright
My first follower (besides myself): (Somehow protected)
My first comment:
My current followers: 855
My total posts: 494
My total views: 16846
My total visitors: 6290

I slowed down on blogging starting from May 2016. I do not want to remember how I waste my time for five months. I started being active again in November. The number after that constantly rising and get me more than 1000 visitors monthly! Small to some but big for me! There are a thousand readers from across the world reading my poems! I am grateful!

Those are just numbers. Do you want to know what is more precious?

The connection we have as fellow bloggers! I able to be friends with amazing people, young and older! I get to read amazing posts a lot! I got inspired by lovely and supportive motivational posts! Not to mention the amazing awards!

Another achievement would be the self-published poetry e-books! The first one It’s All About You and the freshly released on 8th March, Ally And The Daily Prompt (I’m sure there will be book two, three and so on for this one!).

You can download it here for free:

I hope everyone enjoyed my poems and my books. I am seriously happy to share them!

However, I need help from you guys. I need feedback and dire of feedback! If you find my poems are cool, let me know! If you find my poems are lame and pathetic, let me know as well! I want to take this blog and passion to the next level! I really do!

I have two books under construction right now, one would be the ‘They Said That…’ and another one is ‘Ally’s Book of Motivation!’. I’ll share one from the latter one.

“If you love writing, don’t find a reason to keep you away from it. Find excuses to write more.”

Ally Mare, Feb ’17

I think that is all for now! I wish all of you have a great and amazing day!

Prompt: It was not fair. Why did her sister get to have a horse when she was not allowed to have a dog?

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February 25

Use the following sentences as the opening lines of a short story:

It was not fair. Why did her sister get to have a horse when she was not allowed to have a dog?

It was not fair. Why did her sister get to have a horse when she was not allowed to have a dog? Erica could not understand the reason behind her parent’s decision. She is determined, she needs to deal with this matter herself.

Later that night, while everyone has fallen asleep. Erica has been pretending sleeping but now she is awake and slowly living her room. She then heads to the storeroom to grab a machete. Her father usually takes the machete when he travels into the wilds but when he is not, he will usually store it.

After she took the machete, now she heads to the barn. The sky was clear and stars glitter far away. Erica believes that the god is with her. This is the only way to show her parents that they are being unfair to her. An action that will definitely send the message clear. A message that her parents need to understand and stop favoring her sister.

She opened the door to the barn slowly. Not even a creaking sound heard. As soon she entered, she closed the door back. There, she finds her sister’s horse. The horse was kneeling and sleeping.

Erica has plenty of thoughts in her mind but she focused on one right now. To kill the horse with the machete in her hand. She grabbed the machete tighter and move closely to the horse. The horse opened her eyes and started to stand. As Erica noticed the movement from the horse, she raised the machete high and struck the horse as quickly as she can.

The first strike hits the horse’s forehead. The horse neighs and started to jump around and ready to stamp on her. Erica managed to dodge and strike the side of the horse. Blood bursts out and sprayed her. The horse then tries to run ahead but Erica lay down another strike and hit the horse’s leg. The wound was shallow but enough to lead the horse stumble.

The horse falls down and without waiting long, Erica thrust the machete straight to the horse. The machete pierced into the horse’s stomach and blood flows around the machete. Erica feels satisfied and relieved about it.

She finally did it. The clear message that her parent needs to understand. A few moments later the door was opened and her parent was standing and shocked to find their daughter covered in blood and the horse was lying on the ground.

Her mother screamed while her father rushes to her and take her outside. Then, her father asked Erica what happened. Erica just laughs and laugh. Suddenly, a thunder strikes and blinded everyone.

The horse woke up frightened and panic. She realized that it was only a dream. A dream that feels so real that she still remember the machete slashing and piercing her body. She tried to close her eyes when suddenly, the barn door was opened and she saw Erica holding a machete.

Prompt: A construction traffic jam, 8:45 AM

February 21

Using the following setting, write a short story or poem:

A construction traffic jam, 8:45 AM

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A two lane road. It was jammed because there is a road construction work ahead. He looked at the clock on the dashboard of his car. 8:45 AM. He is late. Way too late because he would already arrived in the office by now. No thanks to this stupid construction they decided to have in a rushing morning hour.

He keeps tapping the steering wheel while listening to the beat from the radio. He have no other choice. He looked through the back mirror and he saw the driver behind his car. The guy looks definitely unsettling and furious.

“Maybe, he is way too late now. Better text your manager now, sir.”

He then turn his head to the right. Another car with silver in color. A female young driver. He guessed that, she was in her twenties. He was staring until she caught him. He smiled shyly. She smiled back.

Then, he heard someone honking him from the back. He looks ahead and the traffic was clearing. He looked to the right one more time and the girl was laughing. He smiles and drive ahead.

Questions popping inside his head. The loudest one would be.

“Will I see her again?”

Ally’s Thought: What will happen to the future civilization on earth?

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Hi everyone!

I hope you guys have a great and amazing day ahead!

Recently, I’ve been binging myself with a TV series called Vikings. I am currently at season 3.

While I was watching, I could not stop asking myself one question. What will happen to the future civilization on earth?

When I was taking my English studies, we have a subject called History of English, we did discussed about how the vikings raided England and such. In the series, the story starts around the early 8th century.

Now, we are in the 21st century and that was just few centuries back. Don’t you feel amazed on how centuries ago, civilization barely know each other and ready to put their swords and axes to each others neck. Now? We are google-ing our next vacation and ready to get there!

In just 1300 years later, we arrived in a modern world filled with advance technologies! Imagine that we still survived for the next 2000 years without major catastrophic events such as World Nuclear War or Armageddon, what do you think of the civilization at that time? Will they become so advance that when they look back at our technology, we look primitive to them? Like how we look at civilization 2000 years ago?

Hold you thoughts and answers. Keep reading….

Extra thoughts, we do have records and know how the ancient civilization looks like. The oldest civilization recorded was Ancient Mesopotamia in 3500 BC and that was like 5000 years ago. However, we still being fascinated about our findings on ancient civilization and there are  things that we did not understand about them and their inventions.

My question is, what if they achieved their technological peak in a different way that we know about? If our civilization can achieve this much in just 2000 years, what about them? Or the ones before them?

Do you think that ancient civilizations are ‘ancient’ and far from ‘modern’ as we are?

This is just something about civilization and other aspect that I want to share about is the religions showed in the series. Maybe next time!

P.S.: I like their theme song a lot! It is this one.

The Ferry Home

The Daily Prompt by J. C. Cauthon

Image from: TripAdvisor

Using the following setting, write a short story or poem:
the ferry line to your home on the island, 5:00 PM

“You’ll find the ferry to the island will be arriving shortly. At five, which will be here in ten minutes.” Said the man who sells the ticket.

It has been years since he was here. Ten years to be exact. Richard has been away for ten years in order to serve the country. He was stationed very far north by having winter every single day. When the real season arrived, it really kills him to the spine as he was never fond of the cold.

The ticket man was right, the ferry was in time. Without wasting his time, Richard board the ferry and on his way to the place he grew up, together with his family and friends.

“Are you going for a trip here?” Said a man to Richard.

Richard assumed the man was in his forties and a tourist with his family on board.

“No, sir. I’m here to return home. I lived in that island until I was enlisted to the army ten years ago.” Replied Richard.

“Oh, the war was ended years ago was it? We are proud of you and on behalf of the others, we thanked you for your duty, young man. Even so, it must be hard for you.” The man somehow was overjoyed after learning that Richard was in the army, protecting the country from invasion of the North. The war was an ugly one with hundred thousands of deaths.

“Thank you, sir. I’m just doing my best for my country.”

Richard then left the man and sit in a spot where the air is most open. He still remember them clearly, their faces, their voices and the memories they had. His home. His beloved home that none can compare. The warmth and cozy bed. The peaceful nature that surrounded him.

How he missed it all. The past years was harsh and rough. The sound of shots and bombs. The tough terrains. The hard walks. The smells of blood and flesh. The wounds and blisters. Not even close on what he had at home.

If only he can share it with others. How fortunate they are to enjoy long lasting peace. How fortunate they are to sleep on their comfy bed. Waking up having breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fully stocked food in the fridge. How not to be grateful with all the blessings that they cannot even count.

At least now, once he reached home. He will finally feel the peace. Once more.


Movies in Six Words Pt. 4


Hi lovely people!

Let’s hit this week movies in 6 words segment!

The Girl Next Door: How high school students making porn.

John Wick: Kill his dog, he kills you.

The Godfather: Not a mob movie, trust me.

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids: Irresponsible father experimenting on his kids.

The Terminator: “I’ll be back!” is what matter.

Rocky: Lost your motivation? Watch this!

It: How I hate clowns, even now.

Warm Bodies: Even zombies fall for the blonde.

Enjoyed it? Do catch the other part if you missed them!

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Until next time!